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 American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual

Orchestrated civilian rape &/or castration by the military & terrorist branches of nations is presently (as well as historically) happening. See, and see American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual for additional documentation throughout Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Eastern Europe & Eurasia.

Note that in terrorist capacity, this behavior is normally financed & orchestrated by the central bank exercising control of the country over which it precides, (whether it is a democracy, oligarcy, dictatorship, monarchy, socialist, communist, or fascist state). Or, by a central bank union (i.e. G-8), exercised upon that portion of the world over which the central bank collective presides.

The central bank major shareholders (who are private, not governmental entities) of each central bank, also (privately) own & direct that country's oil, banks, gasoline, news, entertainment, military-industrial, educational, drug-money-laundering (banking), & social engineering apparatus, which in turn directs that country's political & military & covert operations & intelligence leaders and the level of truth & concern reflected in the 'news' media -- creating today's 'status quo' or 'business-as-usual' climate.

This includes the Vatican nation's central bank, and as a sovereign country, the whole process whereby the Vatican gained national sovereignty & it's Italian tax-base in Italy as a reward from Mussolini (the Lateran Treaties) for supporting fascist rape, terrorism & genocide, and received it's German tax-base as a reward from Hitler for supporting Nazi rape, terrorism & genocide -- (also see American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual).

Also note, that bin-Laden et al & his database of al-Queda, were the children of the Arab Nazis who were, after WWII bought by British intelligence to defeat Israel then after that failure housed in Egypt then bought by CIA & housed in Saudi Arabia as that State's teachers, of whom bin-Laden & Saddam Hussein were students -- (also see American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual).

In effect, all of today's terrorism is financed by our central banks & the heroin & cocaine revenues they launder for drug lords in return for 'insuring' &/or brokering each central bank's petroleum field 'security'. For example, when the U.S. recently outsourced intelligence to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Halliburton, the Fed attracted &/or continued to attract into its U.S. banking laundry annually 600 billion dollars of drug trafficking income & 'security' for its petroleum brokering in return for 'terrorist-attack-free' operations.

As competing central banks in a global turf war compete for their share of such laundering operation profits, financing of terrorist &/or other covert military terrorist operation is borne ... al Queda works for all the central banks.

In this way, our central bank (a privately-owned bank, not a government bank) issues (that is, owns, controls & directs) currency, debt, poverty, hunger, health, wealth, mobility, security, petroleum, terrorism, weapons, education (truth), electricity, water, food, labor, & interest rates as national, and international 'trade' mediums of exchange and weapons of war -- plus this privately owned bank receives 300 billion dollars a year from tax revenues on the 13 trillion-dollar debt they generated for us in 100 years ... 1913 a corrupt Congress disregarded the U.S. Constitution, which forbids founding a privately-owned central bank and mandates a publicly-owned (U.S. Government-owned) central bank, because as Jackson, Garfield, Lincoln, & Kennedy advocated, a publicly owned central bank charges no interest, Jackson being the only one who survived a presidential assassination attempt for so-doing (also see American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual).