Joey, (excerpts)

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JOEY ~ The Catholic Church is the largest organized criminal syndicate in the world. And, it's all based on crimes against kids. Most of the time, they've gotten away with it. They continue to get away with it.  Most parishioners back them up. The reason parishioners go to the Catholic Church to begin with, is because, they're afraid, that when they die, they'll go to Hell. So, if you turn against your Church, and then die, they think God is going to punish them. The Church has psychological control over millions of people, all over the world. Because, from when parishioners were little kids, it was pounded into their heads that the Priest is God, and God is the Priests, etc. So, these parishioners, even in the face of a Priest saying, ‘Yeah, I molested this kid' ... the parishioners still won't believe it.

My case set the precedent that juries believed the victim, even against a whole group of priests. It sets a precedent, for juries saying, ‘No' -- we believe the victim.

I claimed there were 12 pedophiles at my school ... one was watching, one was covering, the principal tried to talk me into suicide, the therapist of the school betrayed me by telling the priests what I said. They all got up and denied and denied and denied. The jury, after listening to all the evidence, believed me.

I fought the Silesians in court for three years. They did not want anyone believing my story, that they conspired, denied, concealed and covered-up. I told the school therapist in 1971, when it happened, that the principal tried to talk me into suicide. That's how long ago I reported it. The Silesians claim, ‘Oh, he just made that up last year during my law suit,' or whatever they claim, some kind of baloney. The priests who threatened me at that time, one is the kingpin of the Silesians -- like the mafia has their kingpins who run a bunch of criminals.

At my particular school, one of the Brothers is a convicted molester. My principal of my school, he's a convicted molester. My vice principal, molested me. The administrator of the school, he's a serial molester. He's admitted to one, or maybe two, and he was sued for three or four molestations. A Father, he's written books, he's on TV shows and all that ...he's been sued three or four times, I think he has active suits against him, right now. A Provincial there ... he's the one who tried to talk me into suicide. Another Father from Silesians, molested my sister, and my brother's girlfriend ... I think they sent him to Africa, if I'm not mistaken ...he's in Sierra Leone right now. Another Father, who died a few years ago, I have documents from other people alleging he molested them at Silesian High School.

Another father, there's a suit against him right now, he was at my high school, at Silesians High School. A history teacher at Silesian, there was a lawsuit in Oakland last year he molested somebody at my high school. He passed away ...I think he died of AIDS a few years ago. I could go on and on. I have a list of at least 12 from my school who are accused, sued, and convicted.  In light of all that, all of them always deny it -- even the convicted ones, deny it. That's a record number, from the Richmond Silesians High School. [Editor's note: another record number are at Joelle's high school.]

Are they on Megan's List?

No. And the reason why most priests are not convicted's how it works. They have a bunch of things in their favor. First of all, when a child is molested, the time period to prosecute that, is about 5 years. But, most children don't say anything for 15-20-40 years. The Church knows that. So, when kids have been molested, the kids don't say anything. The priests sure as hell don't say anything -- and the statute of limitations is passed up's gone. So, by the time they say something, it's too late to prosecute. So, if you can't prosecute an offender ...then, you can't get a conviction. What the Church does, and a lot of these predators do, is they gloat right in the face of the victim. They'll look you right in the eye and say, ‘Hey, I'm not convicted.' The Church tells the parishioners of the Church, ‘Hey, they're not convicted.'

You can show videos of priests saying, ‘I molested that child, I'm sorry I did that' some parishioners, and they'll turn right around, and say, ‘I don't believe he did it.'