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Steve ~ I think people don't understand, or won't realize, that females abuse also. It's the last taboo ...nuns abusing children sexually. This is an awareness that has to be brought forward. It's not comfortable. It's not a pleasant thing to talk about.

What I'm gettin' at, is that 90%-95% of these nun orders do not report to the Bishop in their Diocese. They report to the Office of Consecrated Life in the Vatican. So, what I'm gettin' at, is there no accountability for the behavior of nuns. They're gonna self-rule themselves, they're gonna self-judge themselves, they're gonna self-investigate these things ... and then they'll determine any action.

If you've heard of the Dallas Charter, that's what started this thing off, probably 4-5 years ago. The Bishops got together in Dallas and made this Office for the Protection of Children.

Talkin' to Tom Doyle, the nuns were asked to join, and the nuns refused.

And the same way, with the religious orders of men, the monks and stuff like that. The nuns are just not accountable to anybody.

My personal feeling is that it's not the church that Christ wanted. It's gotten to be a corporation. You think about it ... it's got more franchises than McDonalds on street corners. The Church has a lot of franchises, other parishes and all this kind of stuff. I still believe in Christ. But, I don't believe in the Catholic Church.

Probably the biggest thing when we were kids, the nuns wore a ring on their finger. We asked them what that was for. They said, ‘We're married to Christ'. So here's a guy, a 9-year-old kid, thinkin' he's having an affair with Jesus' wife.

The other thing is, in order to make your first communion, they figure at age 7, you know right from wrong. Well, I was nine. I should have known what was right and what as wrong.

But, other survivors told their mothers... I talked to other survivors that told their parents. Their parents turned around, and slapped them in the face ...and said, "Don't ever say that about a priest or a nun, again."

I talked to a survivor, whose mother caught a priest molesting her son, and later told her son, "You should have known better." That's going to put a guy in the toilet, right then. And, he'll stay in the toilet, for quite some time.

I used to not fall asleep at night, worrying about the nightmares. I was thinking about it, first of all. Then not wanting to fall asleep, because I knew the nightmares would start. You're talking, 40 years of hardly any sleep. The nightmares were always about animals, monsters, other people attacking me. It wouldn't be the same thing, night after night. In these nightmares, there was always someone or something attacking me. It's really strange. Once I told my therapist about that, when I started therapy three years ago, 95% of the nightmares went away.