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~  Collected Personal Stories of survival ~
~ heroes making a window of opportunity to heal & protect our kids from predators ~
~ sexually abused kids who grew up to start a Child Human Rights Movement ~

Premise list – based on what the editor learned from these interviews:

 ~ Healing of survivors of predators takes a lifetime. Many victims
    commit suicide, leave the Church and/or renounce God

 ~ Psychiatric literature establishes, after a child is victimized by a
    predator, because of the emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma
    it is often 20-40 years before the victim can report the crime

 ~ Priests have knowingly passed kids from one to another for the
    purposes of sexual abuse in a conspiratorial, premeditated fashion

 ~ Such abuse often exceeds ‘inappropriate touching’, including brutal and
    premeditated serial rape over a period of years, and sociopathic,
    sadistic behavior and sometimes psychopathic cult rituals

 ~ Such abuse is currently going on today in the Church on a national,
    and international basis, as it has for several thousand years. Ten
    thousand lawsuits are now pending in the United States, alone.

 ~ Such abuse is not a ‘gay’ problem ...there are straight and gay priests
    who are perpetrators, and straight and lesbian nuns who are perpetrators

 ~ The Church hierarchy today, in a conspiratorial fashion in a modern
    ‘ratline’, smuggles predator priests from one Diocese to another, and
    from one country to another to avoid prosecution

 ~ The Church works to protect predators, not to help their victims

 ~ There now exists a legislative ‘Window of Opportunity’, for our States
    to enact legislation to redress abuse issues, setting national and
    international precedent, which may also affect national politics and law,
    and international law for the rights of children, that we can support

 ~ Alongside this opportunity, there currently exist lawsuits in appeal
    that may, for the first time, remove the shield of ‘diplomatic immunity’  
    status senior Vatican officials may hide behind to avoid prosecution 

 ~ The Catholic Church hierarchy, those in control, the Bishops, the priests,
    Superiors of religious Orders ... are under a ‘code of secrecy’ imposed
    by the Vatican. That protocol says, the way we deal with this, is to do  
    everything to avoid scandal. That causes them to transfer priests from
    parish to parish, state to state, and country to country, to keep it quiet.
    And, when this information surfaces, it’s widely known among clerics, but
    they keep to Canon code of secrecy and silence, called, Crimen Sollicitationis

 ~ This isn’t just a United States problem, it’s a worldwide problem.

 ~ In some cases,
     - Female rape victims bear the children of priests who raped them,
        some priests pay for abortions of women they rape, or a diocese pays

     - Male and female children are gang-molested and gang-raped by priests

     - Rape and molestation of children by priests begins when the children
        are as young as 3 or 4 years old, youngest victim was 18-months-old

     - Children get AIDS from priests who rape them, some have died

     - Children in orphanages & homes for disabled were pimped by nuns

     - Kids are forced into sex-films made by priests doing s&m acts

     - In a few cases, after priests rape children, they murder them

     - Ritual abuse & Satanic ritual abuse of kids by priests happens

 ~ Two out of every three bishops let accused priests continue working

 ~ Reasons more priests aren’t murdered by victims, are because many of
    the most traumatized victims commit suicide, as children and as adults
    and because organizations like Snap and provide
    opportunities for survivors to come forward, to speak out, get emotional
    support, outreach, therapy, change laws, to warn others, enabling
    survivors to get some justice, be believed and help others, so victims
    don’t have to be driven by desperation, to homicide or suicide

 ~ A Child Human Rights movement was  approved in California and Delaware
    legislatures, passed the Senate in Colorado, Ohio and Colorado legislatures, and is
         now gaining bi-partisan support in 10 States

 ~ Information didn’t used to be widely publicly available. Now that it is,
          on the internet, it helps survivors, attorneys, reporters

 ~ The ‘Treatment centers’ priests are sent to for 'healing' by a Diocese, may
    use misleading code words & unwarranted 'treatment'. Psychiatric literature
     establishes nothing can help the majority of adult perpetrators.
 ~ Kids and teens who were sexually abused by Nuns have a harder time as
    adults to recover in many cases, because although the public accepts that 
      predator priests prey on children, the perception that large numbers of children
      are the victims of predator nuns is not in the public eye, so are disbelieved more
      than those molested by priests. Articles suggest nuns were pimping kids ---------------------------------------------------------------(because 
after priests & nuns & local staff, visiting strangers abused the kids)

 ~ Across the U.S. Dioceses are filing  bogus bankruptcies to avoid paying    
      settlements & avoid having to testify in court about how much they knew and how little they did