Loss of innocense

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Loss of Innocense

After interviewing victims, I discovered the term ‘sexual abuse’ is a euphemism. Most of these children were raped and sodomized by someone they and their family believed was Christ’s representative on Earth.
   That’s not something an 8-year-old’s mind can process; it forever warps a person’s sexuality and spirituality ...the children were so innocent, their parents so faithful, the priests so sick and the bishops so corrupt.
  I saw parishioners reflexively support priests who had molested children by writing glowing letters to bishops and judges, offering them jobs or even raising their bail while cursing the victims, often to their faces. I watched congregants lobby to name their new parish hall after their longtime pastor, who had admitted to molesting a boy and who had been barred that day from the ministry.
   My ‘soul’, for lack of a better term, had lost faith long ago. I put in for a new beat at the paper.
~ excerpted from an article by Bill Lobdell, L.A.Times, 6/21/2007

Cudemo’s dozen documented victims included an 11-year-old girl he raped and took to have an abortion when she was a teenager. Cudemo also was accused of molesting a fifth-grade girl in the confessional, and facilitating a gang rape with other priests. He can reside here without registering as a sex offender because the statute of limitations ran out and he was never charged criminally. Cudemo, and dozens of other priests, could not be criminally charged because the statute of limitations had run out. “Unfortunately, the law currently stands in the way of justice for the victims of childhood sexual abuse,” the Grand Jury report said.
~ from an article by Mark I. Pinsky, Orlando Sentinel, Aug. 13, 2007

Off the record, a number of insiders, including a diocesan priest, said the files contained reports of abortions paid for by the diocese. Many people are familiar with the Father Gerald Robinson case in Toledo, Ohio. Robinson was convicted May 11, 2006 of murdering Sister Margaret Ann Pahl in a chapel. He’s serving a sentence of 15-years-to-life. David Yonke, religion editor of The Toledo Blade, has written a book about the case, Sin, Shame & Secrets. The following is an excerpt from page 176: On September 17 (2004), detectives Forrester and Ross again marched into the Catholic Center and went straight to the fourth-floor chancery, this time demanding access to the files in Father Billian's office. They reviewed a number of files that were marked 'Privileged,' but found nothing related to the investigation of Father Robinson.The detectives left the chancery empty-handed. Officially, Sergeant Forrester said the privileged files involved cases of sexual abuse of children by priests.
~ from an article by Matt C. Abbott, Renew America [Toledo OH], Dec. 18, 2006

A pastor at a High Point church has resigned and faces charges he tried to get a 17-year-old boy in his congregation to engage in bondage and make a sex video. ~ by Dan Galindo, Winston-Salem Journal [High Point NC] Mar. 31, 2007